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Lahaute setup a rural hub in Kutwal, KPK Pakistan, which included a design, cut n sew unit that gave free training to the women in the mountainous area. They also had free access to using industrial machines for doing jobs they had secured. The setup was run on solar energy. We had several batches of 30 women who came to benefit from this service.  Most of the women are able to stitch their clothing, and several make a living stitching for others.  

Safe Space for Girls and Women

Created a safe environment for girls and women to feel comfortable enough to come avail learning opportunities and jobs. A women centric space in an otherwise male dominated community, was quite a radical change. We made special provisions to ensure we engage with the community and respect their values.

Female teachers hired for after school program

We saw young women walk rugged terrains to seek work at our rural hub. The ones we hired to teach children in the after-school program we ran were supported by Lahaute to pursue further education.  We have consistently found women to be driven, ethical, and a pleasure to work with.

Girls in the after school computer lab

It was fascinating to see how quickly young women and girls took to computer learning. We had installed learning programs, and you can see a young female teacher guiding kids. She herself learned it on the job. You can also see young girls engrossed in their online interactive learning.

Gift a Sewing Machine

We have seen from our experiences in the past that it often does not take much to bring a surprisingly big change. One such simple tool of empowerment is a sewing machine. Every woman has a need for it; many use it to sew clothes for themselves, their children, and the rest of the family. Many still will start earning an income by doing sewing jobs. It provides a skill that they use for the rest of their lives. Standard manual machines compensate for off-grid areas and high electricity costs. 


Cost of a Sewing Machine USD 90/-

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