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Our active campaign is to raise funds for the construction of a proper school for the children of two villages in District Sanghar, SIndh Pakistan. We started a school under a tent early this year. Then, we constructed a shed in the shortest time possible due to the high temperatures. One you see in the picture on the right. As you can see, a large number of girls are also attending school for the first time.  There are clusters of small villages, none of which have a school. Access to education is the most powerful and sustainable solution to eradicating poverty in these villages.  Support these children by lending a hand in providing them with a school structure that is safe and conducive to learning. 
The fast growing number of children joining the school from adjoining villages require prompt action on our part.

Kids start school under a tent

Village Rabb Dino Mari

A village in rural Sindh, Pakistan, devastated with floods and poverty. One of the most underdeveloped areas. We started a school under a tent early this year.
Our journey with these beautiful kids continue. Join us in this adventure as we develop this school and improve educational resources available to these children full of enthusiasm to learn.

a joyous moment!

learning from experience

Case Studies

The joy of learning together

important milestones

a learning center & its various programs

Lahaute initiated a learning center in the mountainous rural region of KPK, Pakistan. An area where any of these facilities were made available for the first time for a large community, with the following features:

  • a children’s library
  • a computer lab: We installed online learning program on our computers designed by a non profit to assist kids following diverse curriculum in various provinces of Pakistan. Each kid could learn at his or her pace. Elementary school children had alternatives to have fun in early learning through interactive games.
  • an after school program with homework assistance and computer learning.
  • Summer and Winter Kids Camps
  • free lunch program
Rain or shine, kids come and experience a different environment for learning and exploration. The picturesque surroundings with the mesmerizing sound of the rain that the video above captures, are the beautiful facets of the otherwise tough lives the families lead in this tough mountainous terrain that is quite breathtaking.

The computer lab created quite a buzz. With online curriculum and other interactive educational games installed, the lab offered alternative ways of learning other than the traditional, which the kids were too happy to avail.

The picnic tables outdoors offered kids an opportunity to do arts, get help on homework not cooped up in rooms.  Generally not the norm in Pakistan, we intentionally created a space that would allow kids to interact and enjoy their study groups.

Learning from AlGhazali Book of Knowledge for children. In partnership with Fons Vitae Lahaute translated and published this series in Urdu.

We especially encouraged girls to learn using the computers and enjoy learning in fun ways, as all of them belonged to households that did not have access to computers.

Enjoying lunch together! We believe in the inherent good of sharing food and encouraging others to be generous.

The beautiful location of this rural hub. It shows how the community was spread on this mountainous landscape. We picked this location on the main road for easy access.

Some thoughtful inquiries with older kids into AlGhazali Book of Knowledge.

Helping kids READ!

It doesn’t take much to create joy with a few balls, cricket and board games!

To create a safe space in the form of a community center, that serves women and children of the community as there is no public space that caters to them:

One that creates a sense of belonging and togetherness.

One that offers learning opportunities free of any charge.

One that offers free computer learning.

One that offers women free vocational training on industrial sewing machines so they can start their micro businesses and sew to meet their families’ needs.

One that creates economic opportunities to women. A female only staff. Sponsoring young women who want to continue with their education privately.

One that intentionally seek to serve the most disenfranchised kids of the community: Those belonging to food insecure households, those whose parents are not literate and cannot help them with learning, and those who need additional help.

We implemented 100% of the objectives listed above.  Significantly, we were able to bring change in the attitude of the local community. We earned their trust so their women and children visited this community center feeling safe and seeking ways of personal growth. We formed excellent relationships with the locals that continue to this day. Some young women were able to continue on to college education. Several hundred women were able to get sewing training. Numerous household received free sewing machines. Numerous kids benefitted from our summer and winter camps, daily tutoring, computer lab all free of charge. 
The space and structure was intentionally designed to cater to the needs of the local women and children so their families would allow them to come be part of it in an otherwise conservative community. From the furniture to the colorful ambience, a lot of thought went into making the space aesthetically appealing and inviting. The culture we encouraged had respect and dignity for all as the core principle, and an understanding that the most disenfranchised is the most valuable of our customer, as our guiding vision. 

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