Responding to the devastating floods in Pakistan resulting in immense human suffering we started education initiatives in rural Sindh, Pakistan

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Sponsor a survival kit for a family.

In the aftermath of devastating floods in Pakistan ‘traumatised population now faces food shortages, famine and disease. Few doubt at the crisis engulfing the country will get much worse in the coming weeks and months.’

Source: Guardian

Sponsor water well in the name of your loved one.

 One of the best continued charities is the gift of water, the most basic human need. There are vast areas in Pakistan such as Balochistan, Tharparkar and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where villagers go miles in rough terrains in the heat everyday to fetch water for their families. What an opportunity to bring ease and see the fruits of your generosity. See FAQ for details.

Food insecurity is defined as a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.

Acute food insecurity and malnutrition analyses from Pakistan:

Addressing health inequities through small acts of compassion bring great ease and dignity.
One such small act is a gift of a wheelchair. We know economic inequities are linked with various inequities including those related to health. Often households are unable to provide for a wheelchair/walker to a family member with physical disabilities. Raise yourself by providing someone a chair.

pave the way: Right to Education

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give a gift of warmth

Winter challenges the underserved in ways we do not experience this season. Aware of the value a warm blanket brings to a person to help them through an already hard and extremely challenging life. This is a small act of kindness that serves a person for years to come.

small kindnesses

Our sewing machine program is one of the small kindnesses that allow women to become entrepreneurs and launch their micro-businesses from home.

From the number of sewing machines given to women, we see how so many of them can stitch their own and their children’s clothing hence clothe them better, and how they can convert sewing into a source of income. This small kindness serves for years to come. We often undervalue the benefits of such a small act; the sense of security, dignity, confidence, and hope that comes from self-reliance and polishing a craft is immeasurable.

extend your dastarkhwan: FEED

Extend the ‘dastarkhwan’ (a Turkic word meaning “tablecloth” used in many languages in Central Asia including Urdu) for our brothers who have the toughest jobs as manual laborers. These laborers are often not provided with basic needs such as water or access to restrooms, yet they are employed for months on minimum wages. They have to walk a ways to get food. As they try to cut costs to send more money back homes, they are often laboring on empty stomachs.

sponsor a one room home

Focussed on one household at a time, sometimes the need is a secure roof over their heads. Sharing the difference a secure home made in the quality of life of the underserved.

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We know that just as we want to see and experience the positive impact of any of our endeavors, you would too. Therefore, we take extra measures to provide the kind of feedback you would like, from interviews, home visits to follow-ups and updates through visuals and videos.

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