What is in the name?

The name captures the philosophy of life. ArdOSama’a has Arabic roots and is a composite of Ard meaning ‘Earth’ and Sama’a meaning ‘Skies/heavens’. O means ‘and’ which signifies the inextricable relationship and the unity of the two.

About ArdOSama'a

A social enterprise by Lahaute that supports its welfare programs and furthers its objectives. Sharing some initiatives from our archives.


the question of ethics in apparel


how it began

ArdOSama'a as a venture stems from more than a decade of working with international designer brands. Apparel industry and the question of human rights and racism, raised many ethical questions for its predecessor Lahaute Design, Inc.


What it led to

The ethical dilemmas lead Lahaute Design to transition into a non profit venture, Lahaute foundation to adopt ethical principles it deems are necessary to uphold the truths one holds and wills to promote.


How it grows

Lahaute runs several programs to further social justice. Our focus is to eradicate barriers to education in underserved rural communities. ArdOSama'a as a social business contributes to fostering our values and serving our cause.



We auctioned original artwork to raise funds for welfare programs.

The Quranic calligraphic art shown, fosters the spiritual core of our beings; that we part of one unity, and the purposiveness of life. We continue with the art-for-good program.

simple sharing

We believe, sharing food is the simplest way of celebrating our humanity. In all traditions sharing food and drink is a basic human act of care, simply a way of being.
We encourage sharing food and drink in our everyday lives. Various programs like food ration program, or feed the laborers are collective efforts to foster this human tradition.
Our space that saw several gatherings and one-on-one meaningful conversations.

A clothing brand with a Soul

Lahaute launched an apparel brand ArdOSama'a and its retail outlet served as a hub for community engagement. We made beautiful memories, got together for numerous causes, formed friendships that last to this day. The rich diversity amongst people we interacted with, was truly an enriching experience at many levels.

Beautify your being

Dress Responsibly. Let the outside be a reflection of the beauty inside.

Give the best: Clothing Drive of Dressy clothes

We auctioned original artwork to raise funds for welfare programs.

The Quranic calligraphic art itself fosters the spiritual core of our beings. We continue with the art-for-good program.

School uniforms Campaign

Sales from ArdOSama'a supports the education of underpriveleged children in rural Sindh.

Reflect: Book Readings

On a Sunday, June 28th Br. Siraj Mawjood and Br. Hisham Mahmoud presented recently published children's books by Fons Vitae. Br. Siraj, the author of The boy and the Owl, arranged this beautiful event with his gracious wife at Lahaute. It was a full house and quite an eventful day for the children and adults alike. The surprise arranged by Br. Siraj was a huge hit: a Eurasian Owl and a magnificent parrot from Wildlife Learning Center. The event started with an educational presentation regarding these amazing creations of God, with abilities that compel you to reflect on the beauty, wisdom and Grace of the Creator.
The book on the life of Imaam Al Ghazali was read by Br. Hisham Mahmoud dressed in character.

At the events

Lahaute fundraising efforts involved taking the apparel brand ArdOSama'a to various events in Los Angeles, such as the one above in Anaheim in 2015. Besides, these events are a wonderful opportunity to engage with the community. While we campaigned for our causes, we made new friends every time.
Check out our little friends. Kids have been an important part of our journey. While the necessity of promoting Giving to children cannot be over stressed, we have seen it comes naturally to them.

Dress Responsibly

Both the words "Dress" and "Responsibly" entail aspects of both the material and the immaterial realm. We know no domain is outside the realm of ethics. Here we have ethical questions; how something is made? Did the hands making it got fair wages? Were exploitative ways were used making this product that will 'adorn' me? Suffices to say, what I am wearing to adorn myself ethically made and bought. Another dimension is the adornment of the self which is substantially the character of the person and demands a lifetime of commitment and practice. Hence the tagline, "Let the outside be a reflection of the beauty inside." They are intertwined.

Dress collection

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