Better Health with small gestures of care

  • Gift a  wheelchair
  • Sponsor an eye surgery
  • Pay for an eye exam and glasses
  • Take care of someone’s medicine


Nov 22, 2013
We thank the donors who stepped forward and assisted with quickly raising $1600 for twenty wheelchairs, a request that came to us from General Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. The need was urgent, and the response of the generous and kind donors was as prompt by God’s Grace.
Imagine the ease generated every time a sick person finds a wheelchair every time they need to move from ward to ward for treatment and tests. What a beautiful way to visit the sick and attend to them!
Sponsor's gifts of care

One cannot express in words, and to the extend that one can relate, how a physically challenged person bears hardship in the most mundane of acts and how little is needed to bring ease and dignity into a life. We have witnessed the magnitude of small kindnesses.

Compassion in health inequities

Gift a wheel chair

Frame Style: Foldable
Frame Material: Steel
Upholstery: Rexine
Armrest & Footrest: Fixed
Wheel Quality: Solid Mag Wheels
Rear Wheel Lock: Yes
Hand Brakes: No
Net Weight: 20 kg

From $99

Be a sight saver

Allah’s Apostle Mohammad peace be upon him said: The one who visits the sick is in fact like one who is in the fruit garden of Paradise so long as he does not return. [Sahih Muslim, Hadith 6227 Narrated by Thawban]

Imagine if the deed of visiting a sick has such beauty; what abundance lay in an act that becomes a catalyst for healing and sight for another?

We meet people who need an eye test, a pair of glasses, a cataract surgery. Often they are not even aware the sight difficulties they are facing are easily resolved. They suffer. Their quality of life suffers.
For basic testing and eye glasses we work directly. For major surgeries we work through our local partner LRBT a non-profit organization with a mission that ‘no man, woman or child should go blind because he or she cannot afford treatment.’ You can visit their website to learn more about them.

Beneficiaries of surgeries sponsored through Lahaute are shared with those who make these gifts. We provide individual feedback when required for these are real people with real needs, and your funds make a real and lasting difference.

Eye vision test $10 | A pair of glasses from $20

Need based assistance

From time to time we campaign for individuals who require prompt medical treatment. A small effort can save a life.
From the archives Janurary 10, 2017
Campaign for Ayesha and Ammara’s medical needs
In KPK Pakistan, two sisters, Ayesha and Ammara, were in a traffic accident recently and suffered severe injuries to their face and neck. The treatment required a metal plate for the jaw and back surgery. Medical needs include the cost of surgeries, medicine, and second surgery needed for Ayesha in a few months.
Their father is a security guard at a small school and is unable to afford their medical needs. Donate $880 for exact costs incurred plus any assistance you can lend for subsequent care and medicines.
Please write for any details or questions.
May God multiply manifold what you spend and alleviate your hardship, ameen.

From $50

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