Al-Ghazali for Children


The Al-Ghazali Book Series for Children is a Fons Vitae project. The English books are available on the Fons Vitae website. Other resources on Al-Ghazali are available at the interactive Ghazali Children website.


Lahaute is translating and publishing these books in Urdu. The Book of Knowledge for Children and its associated workbook are now available for purchase in Pakistan and the US as a set of four books.

The Book of Knowledge is said to contain the entire Ihya. Imam al-Ghazali’s teachings and metaphors are presented in story form for children of any age, but are also suitable for the spiritual lives of parents and teachers. Themes that are repeated to emphasize their importance in the 40 stories are: True Learning itself, the purpose of our brief lives, the Two Worlds, Trust in God’s Will, the Polishing of the Spiritual Heart through Self Observation and Correction, Key Virtues and Harmful Vices, and the responsibility of being a true teacher by putting one’s Knowledge into practice.This set contains the entirety of the Book of Knowledge for Children, translated into Urdu, including the workbook.


The Book of Knowlege for Children in Urdu
Set of 4 hard-cover books
Pakistan Price: Rs. 2,000 + mailing
USA Price: $30 + mailing

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