a clothing brand with a soul

ardOsama'a is a social business venture by Lahaute to make its programs sustainable. Shop ardOsama'a apparel and contribute to the good.

Our Mission

Build an ethical brand that creates the most value for an underserved customer base in the West, who seek modest clothing. Use business to inspire ethical ways of conducting business including fair wages.

Our Values

Dress Responsibly

Entails a multiplicity entailed in the term ‘libas’ which may be translated as ‘adornment’. The domain of ethics involved in clothing oneself includes all the choices one makes from what and how we earn and buy, to the implications of our choices for ourselves and for society at large.

“ From the clothing you adorn, the ideas you inhabit, to the philosophy you live by, make responsible choices. For the weave, that we are, is constituted of all these fibers."

Lubna Saira

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