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Grassroot efforts at Village Rabb Dino Mari

About Village Rabb Dino Mari

Situation in district Sanghar, Sindh Pakistan, Village Rabb Dino Mari is an hour from one of the larger city of Mirpurkhaas and half an hour from Tando Adam Khan. It is falls in the region that was devastated by the recent floods at the end of 2022. The most shocking reality to us is, there is no working government school in the 40 kilometer vicinity of that houses a cluster of villages for more than a decade.  The children here have never had the opportunity to learn. Those in better economic situation make the effort to send their kids (a select few homes) to private schools in the city of Nauabad, the only small town in proximate distance with some infrastructure and a small market place.

 We set out to identify villages that were affected by the floods so that we could make an effort to provide learning opportunities to the children and in doing so build a relationship with the community to bring some ease into their lives.  One such community is that of Village Rabb Dino Mari. It needs a school, a playground, public restrooms, solar lights and drinking water source. Families especially those of widows raising orphans, elderly and disabled who lost their dwellings to the floods, we intend to help rebuild one room homes on solid foundations so that the children have a place to call home. We have begun the work to make these possible.

Our grassroot efforts

village survey

Rabb Dino Mari

Our team identified a cluster of nearby villages in rural Sindh in need of learning opportunities for the majority of the children there. 
Below you see picts/videos from Vilalge Rabb Dino Mari.

This is the existing condition of the government school structure. Completely uninhabitable!

community engagement

Rabb Dino Mari

 It was evident from get go that the children wanted to attend a school like other kids. They all gathered excited with hope that their wish may materialize. Our intention from this meeting was not to let them down.


Rabb Dino Mari

First purchases!

Shopping for learning supplies from Mirpur khas Shahi, the largest city an hour from the village revealed there are different tiers matching the diverse socio-economic realities. This means that the rural schools have the poorest quality of educational material, followed by those adopted by private schools in small cities, with the best available for English medium private schools in big cities such as Karachi. The prices vary accordingly. We decided to purchase the best available.

But it pains us to see barriers to equal educational opportunities are deeply entrenched in the society, down to the curriculum schools use. How are children to rise from poverty if learning opportunities are non existent as in the village of Rabb Dino Mari?

School under a tent

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bags n books distribution
Early days

Preparing the land! The local sardar endows the land. Raising the land before construction.

Construction of a shed

First, we construct a basic structure that is open on all sides as there is no electricity and the temperatures soar in the Summers. The roof is local construction with metal, bamboo, and grass. It keeps the temperatures down and is setup quickly.

First day of pick n drop! Kids are happy to get a ride.

Kids from the adjacent village Abdul Malik provided a pick n drop local service, so they do not have to walk 20 minutes in the heat. This way we hope to expand and have other children from proximate villages avail free educational supplies and learning opportunity for the first time in their lives. 

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